Posted by: tschaegger | 19. August 2009

Wine Festival August

The wine maker of the german state “Rheinhessen” for example vintner family Theis und vintner family Zöbel who are presenting their produkts, from the classic producer region. The vineyards profit from the experience and the ideas of many vintner generations.  The products range from classic grape sorts to Barrique- wine, up to sparkling wine ( champagne quality).Weinfest

The quality of the vines has be proofen by different awards through the chamber of agriculture and the DLG.

During the festival there is a variety of entertainment. No need to mention the wine testing.

On Freitag from 10:30 Popmusic by Robert Kucharski. At 18:00 Uhr it is going to be alp-folk and rock with the local group „Edelvoice“.Wine- and drinkingsongs will be sang on  Saturday at 11:00 , when the men`s chorus Oberstodrf gives its best!

In the afternoon the folklore group Oberstdorf presents its programm “Isa Huimat“ (our sweet home).

At 17:00 you get folklore, party music (a in “October fest” ) with the  Goldberg Musikanten.

On sunday you can have an early bird drink with the musik of a traditional beass band (  Musikkapelle Oberstdorf ) with their new arrangements.

At 16:00  the folklore band „Alpenblick Musikanten“ plays for you.

No entry fee!

The mentioned wine makers are staying in the vacation home “Zur Färbe”

there we also have tested some wines and had to agree to the DLG! :-)

Have a good time!


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