Posted by: tschaegger | 19. August 2009

We got new e-bikes

This year  is a testing phase with 2 “swiss Flyer” – 2 electro bikes for rent.

These bikes are the new e-bike generation and they are awesome! You don`hear the motor. The accu puts in 100% force to what you are putting in.

So… you have to pedal and the bike just helps you. It is still sport andit is a perfect training for heart and cardiovascular system.

And you can enjoy the beauty of out valeys with almost no effort.

The accu holds up to 5 hours, so you can go to a long trip to the remote points of interest (Rormoostal mit Pisenalpe, Oytal mit Käseralp, Birgsau mit Einödsbach, Rappenalptal mit Buchraineralpe, Trettachtal mit Gerstruben,…) Everyone can do such a tour!

more about e-bikes: : Movelo

Movelo - e-bikeMovelo – e-bike

these houses have those bikes:

Gästehaus zur Färbe

Gästehaus Geiger

Landhaus Bergtold

Landhaus Dobler

Gästehaus Sinz


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