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Oberstdorf rivals Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the honour of being the top ski resort in Germany. Oberstdorf is a cosmopolitan ski resort with attractions outside the sport of alpine skiing. Both resorts also have a worldwide reputation
for their ski-jumping competitions.

Activities/Attractions: Imagine your ideal mountain resort and Oberstdorf will almost certainly fit the picture. Tucked away about 200 km southwest of Munic or Stuttgart, 50km south of Kempten by road or rail.

There is a new airport: Memmingen (FMM) – it will soon be Munic west – this Airport is only an hour away of Obertdorf and there are shuttle services.

Trekking in Oberstdorf

Trekking in Oberstdorf

Amid magnificent Alpine mountains and valleys, the old village has grown discreetly, without any high-rise aberrations, but with excellent modern sports facilities, including swimming pools, a skating rink and an Olympic ski-jump. These co-exist with traditional farming life: there are open fields right on the outskirts of town.

The climatic and hydrotherapy health resort of Oberstdorf has both a village and a cosmopolitan feel and sport features here just as strongly as health treatments. The town is conveniently located between Munich, Stuttgart and Lake Constance.

The region boasts mountain peaks at between 622 and 2,649 metres above sea level. Imposing mountains, countless crystal clear lakes and pleasant valleys give this region its distinctive character. Each year many visitors are drawn to the natural phenomenon that is Breitachklamm gorge and the source of the river Iller.

There are sporting activities available for every taste and ability. The ski jump stadium and the national ice skating centre are some of the village’s most popular attractions. Another special experience in the mountains around Oberstdorf is a visit to alpine dairy farms.

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